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Cold hors d´oeuvres

  100g Mozzarella cheese with tomatoes and olive oil, strewn by spice 97,-
  120g Steak Tartare served with garlic toast 189,-
  1 Traditional czech sausage in sour soak, bread 42,-

Small hot dishes

  200g Grilled potatoes in tinfoil with bacon and garlic dressing 98,-
  1 Spicy toast with meat mixture garnished by horseradish 98,-
  5 Fried moravian cheese, two toasts 99,-
  3 Potato cake with sausage 87,-
  120g Grilled marinated unboned pork chop, roasted vegetable
yoghurt dressing with garlic
  100g Fried Gruyere cheese served with cranberries 129,-
  250g Pasta with chicken meat in cream sauce with Gruyere cheese 129,-

Children dishes

  80g Breaded fried pork fillet 99,-
  80g Chicken fillet 99,-
  150g Spaghetti with ketchup 78,-
  5 pcs Fried fish fingers 78,-

Vegetable salads

  300g Caesar salad with cherry tomatoes, chicken steak and croutons 159,-
  250g Vegetable salad with cheese 105,-
  350g Vegetable salad with chicken meat and yoghurt dressing 125,-
  250g Italian salad from fresh vegetasble
(mozzarella cheese, olives, olive oil, spice)
  200g Avocaco salad with shallot, chunks of chicken and sesame seeds 135,-
  200g Lettuce salad with garlic flavour served with thin slices of rare steak (chef´s tip) sour cream and cherry tomatoes 169,-


  0,3l Beef broth with noodles and small liver dumplings 39,-
  0,3l French onion soup served with toast and cheese 43,-
  0,3l Cabagge soup with sausage 43,-
  0,3l Soup according to daily menu 39,-

Meatless dishes

  180g Fried mushrooms 108,-
  100g Fried cheese (Eidam cheese, Ermine, Niva cheese - according to your taste) 98,-
  125g Fried cheese with ham 115,-
  150g Spinach strudel filled with sheep cheese served with herb sauce 125,-

Vegetarian dishes

  100g Sheep cheese au gratin with egg-plant, tomatoes prepared
with olive oil, garlic and herb mixture
  200g Egg-plant filled with mixture of red pepper, leek black mushrooms
and gartic, cheese au gratin and fresh


  200g Trout after Miller 135,-
  200g Fried carp 125,-
  200g Grilled walleyed pike with almond butter
(advised side-dish: boiled potatoes with butter)
  200g Salmon fillet with dutch sauce
(advised side-dish: potato croquettes)
    Trout - 10g over weight 12,-

Foregone dishes

  1/2 Roasted duck served with sauerkaraut
(advised side-dish: potato dumplings with onion)
  200g Roasted marinated pork served with sauerkraut
potato and bun dumplings
  180g Beef goulash with bun dumplings 134,-
  180g Goulash Fiakr served with potato cakes, egg and roasted sausage 149,-
  180g Slices of baked sirloin served with cream sauce and bun
dumplings, garnished by lemon, whipped cream and cranberries
  180g Roasted pork meat served with spinach and potato dumplings with onion 139,-


  300g Steak for "Golema", with fresh vegetable
(grilled steak from beef sirloin and pork crown sirloin served with bacon and devilish sauce)
  200g "Fillet after emperor Rudolf II."
(pork crown sirloin with mixture of mushrooms and fat, with onion and herbs)
  220g Rumpsteak after "Master Kelly"
(garnished by egg mushrooms roasted with onion, fat and herbs (advised side-dish: potato cakes )
  200g Fiery pan of "Alchemist Scotty"
(beef sirloin, chicken, pork livers, chili, onion, red bell pepper, mushrooms, garlic and fat (advised side-dish: pastry)
  200g Steak after baker "Matěj Kotrba"
(beefsteak, garnished by duck livers, served with herb sauce)
(advised side-dish: potato croquettes)
  220g "Rumpsteak of countess Stradová"
(steak from beef short sirloin, served with cranberry sauce, garnished by pineapple and whipped cream, basted by cherry brandy
(advised side-dish: potato croquettes)
  200g "Purse of Lord Chamber Lang"
(grilled pork chop filled with mixture of ham, cheese, mushrooms, green peas and corn)

Beefsteaks and tournedos

  200g English beefsteak with warm vegetable 319,-
  200g Pfeffer-steak 319,-
  200g Steak "Vanille" (seasoned with garlic) 319,-
  200g Spicy grilled steak garnished with tomatoes
(steak filled with Ermine cheese, mushrooms, garllic and jalapeňo)
  200g Beefsteak prepared with jalapeno peppers
served on potato strudel slices, decorated with fried cherry tomatoes, zucchini and garlic
  200g "Forest Tournedos"
(grilled beef sirloin fillets served with cream sauce made of egg-mushrooms, brandy, white wine and parsley)
  200g "Gourmand Tournedos"
(beef sirloin slices, served with mixture of ball thistle, dried tomatoes, shallot, parsley and brandy)

Beef rumpsteaks

  220g Grilled steak served with Dutch sauce
asparagus and mushrooms
(advised side-dish: potato croquettes)
  220g Grilled rumpsteak with beans, fat and herb butter 265,-

Pork fillets

  180g Pork fillets with mozzarella cheese, ham and tomatoes 208,-
  200g Grilled pork medallions served with mozzarella cheese
dried tomatoes, spicy sausage, fried zucchini and garlic

Grilled dishes

  180g Mix-grill with grilled vegetable
(grilled fillets from beef sirloin, pork crown sirloin and chicken served with grilled vegetable: tomato, red bell pepper and onion, American sauce)
  160g Mexican beef short loin
(grilled beef short loin served with vegetable mixture, corn and beans)
  160g Viennese beef short loin
(roasted with onion)
  200g Pork ribs with egg and ham, served with Devilish sauce 179,-
  150g Fried unboned pork chop roasted with gruyere,
cranberries and pepper
  150g Breaded fried pork fillet 128,-
  150g Cordon bleu, vegetable
(breaded fried pork steak filled with ham and cheese)
  160g Pork fillet "Ondráš", and coleslav with dressing
(marinated unboned pork chop fried in potato cake)
  180g Spicy pork mixture
(chili, onion, red bell pepper, mushrooms and garlic)
  200g Grilled boneless Pork cutlet gratinated with spicy tomato
sauce and smoked cheese
  200g Butcher´s pork steak
(grilled boneless cutlet with mixture of roasted sausage, cabbage, sugar and pepper)
  150g Fried chicken breasts filled with ham and Ermine cheese 168,-
  150g Chicken fillet garnished by peach and ham, roasted with cheese 168,-
  150g Chicken fillet with mushrooms, onion and majoram roasted
with Ermine cheese
  1/2 Fried unboned chicken, fresh vegetable 159,-
  5 Fried chicken wings, fresh vegetable 159,-
  160g Chicken mixture with vegetable (mushrooms, leek, red bell pepper, onion) 168,-
  160g Chicken Kung-Pao (advised side-dish: rice)
(onion, leek, red bell pepper, peanuts, soy sauce and wine)
  160g Pork SVEJ-ZU-ZOU (spicy)
(pork meat, onion, pepper, mushrooms, leek, garlic, white cabbage,spinach, chilli, red oil)
  160g Breaded chicken fillet 128,-

Dessets and sweet

  Ice cream cup with fruit, whipped cream and chocolate 69,-
  Vanilla ice with hot raspberry, whipped cream, chocolate and almond 89,-
  Chocolate cake filled chocolate, decorated with whipped cream
  Pancake with ice cream, whiipped cream and chocolate 62,-
  Homemade sweet rise dumplings filled with blueberries
and served with fried breadcrumbs and butter
  „Marlenka“ – honey cake
  Ice cream - according to daily offer 18,-

Side dishes

  200g French fries 38,-
  200g Boiled potatoes with butter 35,-
  200g Baked potatoes 38,-
  200g Baked potato slices 38,-
  200g American style potatoes 40,-
  180g Fried potato croquettes 40,-
  160g Rice 33,-
  160g Bun dumplings 32,-
  180g Potato dumplings with onion 32,-
  3 Potato cakes 39,-
  200g Potato salad 39,-
  200g Potato salad with mayonnaise 43,-
  250g Coleslav with dressing 39,-
  200g Sauerkraut 32,-
  200g Red sauerkraut 32,-
  150g Spinach 32,-
  1 Bread 6,-
  1 Pastry 6,-
  150g Mushroom sauce 26,-
  200g Warm vegetable 49,-


  200g Small mixed salad 39,-
  300g Large mixed salad 49,-

Dressings and sauces

  80g Tartare sauce 19,-
  80g American sauce 19,-
  80g Devilish sauce 19,-
  80g Yoghurt dressing with garlic 19,-
  80g Ketchup 19,-

Kitchen is open:

Monday - Thursday: to 21:30

Friday - Saturday: to 22:00

Sunday: to 21:00

Last order 15 minutes before

Half order will be charged by 70% price

Menu is valid from 29.7.2018 until new one is issued.